Just (Can’t) Do It

I didn’t know I’ll get to write again. Today is September 27, 2009 and its 11:58PM as I write this. Tropical Depression Ondoy just hit Manila and other nearby provinces. Leaving a lot of families homeless, probably soaking wet, hungry, tired, cold, and hopeless, or worse dead. I saw reports about the casualties of this storm on TV earlier.

The rain has not stopped but the water had subsided, from hip level to perhaps a little above your ankle. From where I am right now, my bed near the window, I can hear noise. Noise from vehicles stuck along the Osmena High Way which at this point I guess are moving perhaps in a turtle-slow pace.

The rain doesn’t sadden me but the fact that I could have made a difference or helped in my own way the people who were directly hit and I didn’t does. Instead of offering those stuck in traffic something to drink or something to warm their stomach I decided to indulge into a pint of Selecta’s Gold series ice cream. I guess a little too selfish.

I wonder why I get the awkward feeling whenever I try to help others. Perhaps, I am not that willing after all that’s why I can afford not to. Or perhaps little by little I’m gaining that confidence and one of these days my passion will be translated to concrete actions.

I may not have much but one thing is for sure I am willing to help in any way possible. In my younger years, I certainly knew that I have the heart to help. I easily get burdened by others’ pain. I pray that sooner I’ll be able to do as I dream.

I salute those people who have dedicated their lives in helping those who are in need. The rescue teams, the government, politicians, the firemen, the MMDA, the private organizations, the media people, and especially those unsung heroes who didn’t need recognition for them to help. I am writing this to let you know that your efforts are ALL highly appreciated. In the same way, I am writing this for those who like me, think that they are too small and don’t have enough to make a difference. I believe, willingness is all it takes. And if we are willing, we will be amazed as to how far that willingness can take us. No one is prepared and no one has enough, so better yet, let’s do it.

I believe in the goodness that is in all of us. Goodness that is inside of each of us, waiting to be awakened, reignited, and put into action. The best time to put that passion into action is now. Go out there and be always on the look out for an opportunity to help. Go and spread the love.

And this world will be a better place. 😛

*posted late*


One Response to “Just (Can’t) Do It”

  1. lis Says:

    hello author! Nice to know that you have decided to pursue your love of writing 🙂

    great article by the way. I agree that it is hard to help people whom we don’t even know. Sometimes, we tend to choose mercy in a sense that we help those who look very poor. Like the saying goes, if there is a will there is way. Helping should come from the heart. We cannot help everyone but at least in our own small ways, can contribute something that can make other people feel special.

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