I was in LB last weekend. It’s pretty awesome. I’m still fascinated by how much LB can bring rest to my restless mind and slows my pace down. It feels good to be connected with my blocmates and of course my spiritual family.

Shoot! LB is changing so fast! In months, a lot has changed. And i guess it will not be fair to say I don’t like it since I’m not staying there anymore. One thing I know, going to LB is still fun.

We kinda hang out @ Hum Steps and I can’t believe I can hardly see familiar faces. You suddenly have that feeling that you almost don’t belong anymore. Hahaha! You try to fit in, you try to recall the things you’ve done in the past and compare it to what they are doing now – i guess trying to fit in? Or trying to make a sense of what I’ve done during my time?!

Seeing good old friends is definitely worth it.


Friday lunch @ Mommy Ludy’s, Dinner @ Sizzlers, Coffee @ Dairymoor, Swimming @ Hachienda R, Sunday Service, Pacquiao fight over lunch and of course my new hair do the girls hate. Amp!

Hope I can go back on the Church anniversary this November 29 and 30!

So long LB… Manila here I come, again! :p


2 Responses to “Weekend”

  1. rhiashiela Says:

    wow, nainspire naman ako gumawa rin ng aking own version of elbi getaway! 😀

    elbi is reallly cool. i’m so unsure if its the place, people, or the memories that keep me coming back.

    in the end, i still want to be in elbi, definitely!

  2. lis Says:

    where is the hairstyle? did not recognize it in the office…

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