Trying Hard

What happens after all the noise, the grooving and the kicking is done? There comes silence. The silence that reminds me that everything is bound to end – that even the good days and the bad ones are not meant to last forever. Well, that is somehow good news. Most of the time, we tend avoid that part, the after party part – when things have been said and done.

Funny how sometimes after the hype you suddenly have the urge to just spend sometime alone. And i dunno, just play with your thoughts. I hate the fact that it could have been a good friday and i turned out into a boring weekend. It sucks that this day would turn out this bad after looking forward to this the whole week. Haha!

I’m trying to write but i just can’t make sense of things! Not a writing friday definitely!



One Response to “Trying Hard”

  1. lis Says:

    akala ko ako lang ang ganoon. same feeling dude 😀

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