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Time Off

December 8, 2009

So i took the the whole morning off. I honestly woke up late from reading till 3am. I know, it isn’t being very good employee of me again. But isn’t it sometimes you have misses? So, i’m kinda pissed. I don’t know. On the other hard, I’m kinda happy I had time to finish what I’m reading.

Speaking of reading, it’s really been a while since I last read a book. I think the last was “Princess Masaku – The Crowned Princess of Japan” – which by the way is really very good. I am so in to culture so I really liked the book. Been browsing the net last weekend and was able to download some ebooks. Ebooks for mobile though, so i have to use my fone to read it –¬†awful! But nonetheless, I found some good stuff.

I have Art of War and the likes and haha yes, I also did try some classic.Okay, not really classic but shoot love story. From the pool of those classic books, I picked one. I don’t know because some people hate it when they have read the book and they see it in big screen. For me, it works the other way around though, but not always. The fact that I have seen faces or visual kinda help me understand or perhaps appreciate the story more. I have done this with twilight. I did see it in the big screen first before i get to read the book, and i would say i liked it.

I’ve seen this movie back in high school. My friend Faye, forced us into watching it instead of reviewing for the Quizbee that we later won second. Haha! Yes, we had 10K cash for the three of us, with Elias. It’s worth it. By the way, we weren’t able to finish the whole movie. Our principal, which happens to be Faye’s mom, caught us, Haha! Oh well, I sure would want watching movie, than reviewing. Any movie at that. My point is, i really didn’t like this movie at first. It’s not until this morning that i would want to see the rest of the movie – A Walk To Remember.

Yes- I read that book and just like most of the books i read, I liked it. One thing i liked most about it is the fact that they were Christians. Haha! Yes, Christians always have a place in my heart – a soft spot that is. Then, the setting of the movie – North Carolina. I’ve seen, read, and liked a lot about that place. If ever i go to the states, hopefully by 2011, i’ll make sure I visit that place.

Im feeling OK now but I’m still¬†heightened, if you know what i mean. Ayt! Gtg.