One Month to Live [Day 1]

well, yes! all i’ve got is one month to live…

So finally i decided to pick-up and read this book i borrowed from Jannah, it’s called One Month to Live. I’ve been hearing good stuff about this book. how life changing it is and all that. i’ve tried and started reading this book many times before but i always tell myself that someday, if im in the mood or i’ll have the time, i’ll read it. guess what, that someday that i will be in the mood and that someday when i’ll have free time isn’t gonna come, i will always have many activities or i will always be pre-occupied with a lot of stuff to be able to read it. so i decided that that someday, si gonna be today.

the first part of the book is really interesting. it asked me the five things on top of my head that i would want to change in my life, and here are my answers:

  1. spend more time with my family or perhaps show them more often how much i love them
  2. grow again in my relationship with god
  3. to live up right (be in good standing with god)
  4. excel at work and be a friend to people around me
  5. exercise more discipline (time, health and money wise)

the book talks about how we should stop postponing things that we want to do someday and instead do them now. it compares our lives to a roller coaster ride, we all know its gonna end but we couldn’t care less. its like that ride, that you bare know it’s started and the nest thing you know its gone. that is it. you can never rewind.

it talks about how at this very moment seconds pass and we can never regain. i always know that we have a very short life to live and that we should make every moment count. that we should start doing the things we want to do today but somehow it is always more convenient to convince ourselves that someday when everything is OK, we can. but tell you what – that someday is not gonna come, we will always be on the look out for the nest big thing, insatiable. unless you decide to start living it today.

the book made me realize how far my faith, my thinking, my beliefs were from the way it used to be. the book suggests to tell at least one person about this journey i’m about to take and yes i did, teter who told me the same thing when he was reading the same book a few months back. so i’m making a resolve that starting today, i’m living like i only have one month to live.

i listed the things that i keep on postponing to someday,

  • someday i’m gonna spend time with my family
  • someday, i’m gonna go back to god
  • someday, i’m gonna be financially free
  • someday, i’l make friends with my workmates (regardless if i don’t like them)
  • someday, i’m gonna live prosperously
  • someday, i’m gonna enjoy life
  • someday, i’m gonna save money
  • someday, i’m gonna have a lasting impact to other peoples’ lives
  • someday, i’m gonna be famous
  • someday, i’m gonna be rich
  • someday, i’m gonna help other people
  • someday, i’m gonna be the best employee
  • someday, i’m gonna be more socially active and involved
  • someday, i’m going to study in Harvard

that was a long list of my somedays. honestly at this point i don,t know how i’m gonna live them everyday starting today all i have is the ridiculous faith just like David when he brought Goliath down.

i know that all of us would live our lives differently if we know that we only have one month to live. but why wait for that moment when everyday we can live a full life. i encourage you to start writing your somedays too and join me in my journey as i take on my one month to live.

Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away. – Anonymous


3 Responses to “One Month to Live [Day 1]”

  1. Lis Says:

    I have many somedays!

    Considering listing it down


    It’s easy to say and hard to do but when you really have 1 month to live.. time is all you got and you will be more serious about making up broken relationships, forget about work and focus more on your self and loved ones. Indeed here you can see what is worth your life.

    So yeah.. lets not waste any moment.

  2. rhiashiela Says:

    Naghanap ako nito sa book store kahapon – pero ang mahal. 😦

  3. Polpipol Pol Says:

    nice one.

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