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Long Weekend

October 25, 2010

I sort of required myself to read at least one book every month which I dodn’t really get to follow. But just now, I came to realize that a Statistics book would be a great steady read for the coming months. So, I’m actually planning to get a copy of the lecture manual of my first Statistics course in UP. Well, that’s after I finish reading this e-book Eat Pray Love.

Couldn’t get enough of books. Books are one of the coolest things ever existed on earth.


What I Hate Most

October 21, 2010

I hate hatred. It’s a feeling that can destroy anyone without him/her knowing it.

I just realize that what I hate the most is the idea (and people) who wants to have it all for free at the expense of others’. I call it ‘wit’ before but now I call it ‘greed’. I am ashamed of myself for trying so hard to be ‘greedy’ and I’m thankful that it is not the very nature of me.