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What Am I Good At

November 27, 2010

I didn’t realize how much I need motivation until to keep going until I see people living every moment of their lives. What am I good at? I’ll do for the rest of my life.



Hurry Up

November 5, 2010

Last night, was my first to go to a gym. With everyone int he office so hooked with their thing, I decided to go alone. It wasn’t that big of a deal anyway. On my way to the gym, I was walking in full swing. Until I was sweating all over and from no where it hit me, why the hell was I in a hurry?

How many simple yet beautiful things we overlooked simply by just being in a hurry? So I decided to make it a walk in the park. In deed it was a walk in the park that night. The Ayala Ave was glittering with its fascinating display of lights! The busy streets, the towering buildings, all of it. The beauty that is truly Makati.

That’s about it! Maybe, we need to slow down sometimes and learn to appreciate the little things we have. How about you, are you ready to slow down?

Not Another Longweekend

November 1, 2010

404AM. And I am happy.

I suddenly have reasons to be happy. Good book. Good music, Country Music ( Good conversations. Plus, unconsciously I was able to define my short-term goal for the next three years – to finish masters.

At this point, I am happy I know what I want for the next three years but in the coming weeks I have to decide what to take up and where. As some of you may know, I have started applying to schools and Teaching¬†Assistantship grant as well. My only concern is that I may not be happy with Statistics after all. Yeah, it looks like I’m yet to throw a lot of thinking into this.

But still, I’m overwhelmed with things I should be grateful for. Music and books. Friends and conversations. Long weekend. Thank you Lord.