I am about to enter a new milestone in my life in a few days.

It was not an easy decision to make and just like the other decisions I’ve made in the past, it’s near to surreal still. I, myself, could not believe I just decided to actually pursue this. I am turning my back to something that is really close to my heart and have always wanted to do for now in order to do this. And it will probably take awhile, years, 5 or  6 years before I will have that liberty again of travelling the way I did in the past.

I’m going back to school as planned this year. I remember last year of how I made a resolve that this is the year I am going back to school. I feel like this is the best time especially that I’m already 26 and I have so many other things I’d still like to do after this. I’d say that in the last 6 months, I had a shift of priorities and let go of the things that mattered to me once or so I thought.

I was supposed to fly to Singapore next month to try my luck there but I decided to stay instead and do school. The preparation to school has not been easy either. I had to prepare financially (especially that I’m going to a relatively expensive school), emotionally and socially as well. I would say it was a great deal of preparations: from school requirements and entrance exams. I did not make it to my first choice but I’m happy with what I have now.

The result of my LSQT is encouraging! After I flunk the UP LAE, I again went down to that road of questioning my intellectual capacity. Although honestly, I did not prepare for that exam, it was a bit of a blow for me. And I know a lot of people who had to take it twice before they get in and I might actually do just that too – but that would be a completely different story. The result of my LSQT came out a little late but I sort of know that I did pass it after the exam with no bragging included. One always know how he did in the exam – I guess I do have this talent. However, to get an 89th over-all percentile of all those who took the entrance test, I am truly humbled. God knows exactly I needed that boost.

So, now I have completed all the requirements and I’m just waiting for Monday so I can pass all the requirements and enroll at last. The thought of going back to school really thrills me. I’m excited to buy stuff for school too. It’s weird how a number of people already knew about this but I don’t wanna get ahead of myself in announcing it to the world until I have my ID with me.

So catch me next time.


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