Between Being a Lawyer and Travelling

Hey there! It’s 6:17AM and I have not been to bed and I’m writing from the paradise of Boracay! I’m in a way sad that prolly in the next 6 years I would not  be travelling as much I want to because of law school. The thought of it just sucks – big time! I just met a few interesting people who just like me are so into travelling and they seem to be having the time of their lives and that is awesome. We shared stories and it just felt great knowing that there are people who believe that we all should go for what we really want in life – not what we think we should do because of family, circumstances or anything like that.

So, I wanted to write about this 5-days off I’m taking from work to prepare for what is to come – that is law school. I absolutely wanted to just kinda chill-out and relax and do my reading. Yes, my reading. I actually brought two books with me which I plan to finish before this 5-days off is done. So far, I think, I’m doing just fine. I’m almost done with the first one which is a book on how to excel in law school. Interestingly, at first I actually hated the idea that I bought that book during the orientation night in school but I’m actually quite thankful I did. It’s given me good insights and tips on how to better prepare for law school and I find it very useful for someonelike me who’s got no idea what it is exactly I’m getting into and from someone who lacks a lot of educational background for this thing. This might be odd but I can’t even give you any provision of any law at the moment. How is that for an aspiring lawyer?

I also wanna tell you this thing I have with English or Australian people. I know I’m generalizing but I think that one of the challenges of someone who doesn’t speak conversational English is that you can be a little left out. This I think is one of the greatest challenges for Asian in the backpacking scene. White people tend to stick with white people as well and I’m totally cool with that it’s just that majority of the backpackers are white. I hardly even see Asian in the modest travelling that I’ve done. I think that Asian travelers would like to get engaged as much but the language barrier is a big thing for them. For example, the English humor is not something we are all familiar with unless you have spent quite a time in UK or States maybe. And we Asians are typically shy and English are typically abrupt and upfront. So you’ll hardly even see Asians mingling with white people. It’s hard with their accent specially if they’re drunk. that’s what i have to put up with the whole night. LOL. I don’t have anything against white people or Asian, it’s just that I think it would have been a perfect meeting of cultures if language is not a barrier.

Today, I’m not sure what I’m gonna do yet. I prolly will sleep all day and maybe get a few drinks at night as many of the guests are flying out tomorrow and they wanted to kinda have like a big night later. We’ll see how it will turn out.

So, I just wanted to put it out there that although most of the time travelling alone is perfect it could get lonely at times. I just wish I have company on this trip but it’s absolutely no biggie. So I’m going now and I’m hoping this is gonna be a fun day indeed.


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