Between Being a Lawyer and Travelling

June 8, 2012

Hey there! It’s 6:17AM and I have not been to bed and I’m writing from the paradise of Boracay! I’m in a way sad that prolly in the next 6 years I would not  be travelling as much I want to because of law school. The thought of it just sucks – big time! I just met a few interesting people who just like me are so into travelling and they seem to be having the time of their lives and that is awesome. We shared stories and it just felt great knowing that there are people who believe that we all should go for what we really want in life – not what we think we should do because of family, circumstances or anything like that.

So, I wanted to write about this 5-days off I’m taking from work to prepare for what is to come – that is law school. I absolutely wanted to just kinda chill-out and relax and do my reading. Yes, my reading. I actually brought two books with me which I plan to finish before this 5-days off is done. So far, I think, I’m doing just fine. I’m almost done with the first one which is a book on how to excel in law school. Interestingly, at first I actually hated the idea that I bought that book during the orientation night in school but I’m actually quite thankful I did. It’s given me good insights and tips on how to better prepare for law school and I find it very useful for someonelike me who’s got no idea what it is exactly I’m getting into and from someone who lacks a lot of educational background for this thing. This might be odd but I can’t even give you any provision of any law at the moment. How is that for an aspiring lawyer?

I also wanna tell you this thing I have with English or Australian people. I know I’m generalizing but I think that one of the challenges of someone who doesn’t speak conversational English is that you can be a little left out. This I think is one of the greatest challenges for Asian in the backpacking scene. White people tend to stick with white people as well and I’m totally cool with that it’s just that majority of the backpackers are white. I hardly even see Asian in the modest travelling that I’ve done. I think that Asian travelers would like to get engaged as much but the language barrier is a big thing for them. For example, the English humor is not something we are all familiar with unless you have spent quite a time in UK or States maybe. And we Asians are typically shy and English are typically abrupt and upfront. So you’ll hardly even see Asians mingling with white people. It’s hard with their accent specially if they’re drunk. that’s what i have to put up with the whole night. LOL. I don’t have anything against white people or Asian, it’s just that I think it would have been a perfect meeting of cultures if language is not a barrier.

Today, I’m not sure what I’m gonna do yet. I prolly will sleep all day and maybe get a few drinks at night as many of the guests are flying out tomorrow and they wanted to kinda have like a big night later. We’ll see how it will turn out.

So, I just wanted to put it out there that although most of the time travelling alone is perfect it could get lonely at times. I just wish I have company on this trip but it’s absolutely no biggie. So I’m going now and I’m hoping this is gonna be a fun day indeed.


May 26, 2012

I am about to enter a new milestone in my life in a few days.

It was not an easy decision to make and just like the other decisions I’ve made in the past, it’s near to surreal still. I, myself, could not believe I just decided to actually pursue this. I am turning my back to something that is really close to my heart and have always wanted to do for now in order to do this. And it will probably take awhile, years, 5 or  6 years before I will have that liberty again of travelling the way I did in the past.

I’m going back to school as planned this year. I remember last year of how I made a resolve that this is the year I am going back to school. I feel like this is the best time especially that I’m already 26 and I have so many other things I’d still like to do after this. I’d say that in the last 6 months, I had a shift of priorities and let go of the things that mattered to me once or so I thought.

I was supposed to fly to Singapore next month to try my luck there but I decided to stay instead and do school. The preparation to school has not been easy either. I had to prepare financially (especially that I’m going to a relatively expensive school), emotionally and socially as well. I would say it was a great deal of preparations: from school requirements and entrance exams. I did not make it to my first choice but I’m happy with what I have now.

The result of my LSQT is encouraging! After I flunk the UP LAE, I again went down to that road of questioning my intellectual capacity. Although honestly, I did not prepare for that exam, it was a bit of a blow for me. And I know a lot of people who had to take it twice before they get in and I might actually do just that too – but that would be a completely different story. The result of my LSQT came out a little late but I sort of know that I did pass it after the exam with no bragging included. One always know how he did in the exam – I guess I do have this talent. However, to get an 89th over-all percentile of all those who took the entrance test, I am truly humbled. God knows exactly I needed that boost.

So, now I have completed all the requirements and I’m just waiting for Monday so I can pass all the requirements and enroll at last. The thought of going back to school really thrills me. I’m excited to buy stuff for school too. It’s weird how a number of people already knew about this but I don’t wanna get ahead of myself in announcing it to the world until I have my ID with me.

So catch me next time.

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November 10, 2011

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25 Shit

July 25, 2011

It’s been a long while since I last said my piece in writing. I’m more of a talker than a writer so I usually force people around me to listen or I simply find others who might be interested. I don’t think it comes with age but perhaps it’s more of a personality thing – my constant desire to be heard. I’m a very opinionated person and I like to engage with conversations of the mind rather than talking with my mouth.

At 25, I have a lot going on. I usually waste my time thinking of my next travel, when I will finally have the courage to enroll in graduate school, when and will I ever be promoted at work, if I can finish law school or if MBA is better suited for me and a whole lot more. There is that constant reminder that time is running out but I just can’t figure what to do next.

I know my concerns are petty and perhaps others my age don’t actually bother themselves with these. How I wish I’m the type but it’s innate to me to concern myself with all these freakin’ mature and boring stuff.  I love writing aimlessly to show just how things are pretty messed-up in my head. Thoughts just come rushing from all directions.

You know how they say you should prioritize, that I think I have yet to learn. Fuck those who’s got it all figured-out. And yeah, I doubt if someone really has it all figured out. I’ve gotta be honest though, I envy, if insecure is a little too much for my ego, those who’s got it all figured out.

And just like that Nickelback’s song, I say: “I’m gonna trade this life for fortune and fame. I’d even cut my hair and change my name”.

This was totally pointless. Blame it on the age. Peace!


May 23, 2011

Today I am overcame by the great example of one of the best leaders in history, Pope John Paul II.

Happy Endings

March 16, 2011

Does everyone really wish for happy endings? I am now.

The 2010 That Has Been

December 29, 2010

I intended this to be a sort of the high lights of my 2010, that year that has been or yet. After quite a while, at 220AM of December 29th here in the Philippines, in my hometown of NARRA, Palawan where the moon is half-lit and the thought of the wonderful site sight of the beach nearby is tempting, I find myself writing again.

2010 has been a very blessed year for me and family. It has been a year of both blessings and trials but I would like to just learn and not-forget the lessons of the trials and focus on the blessings. This year I got to spend time with my family not just during this holiday break, they visited me in Manila last June. Let’s put it at that even when the fact of the matter is, they flew to Manila to have the my Nanay’s supposed operation turned-out mis-diagnosis – thank God big time.

This year I was able to travel more. Boracay in February, La Union/Baguio I think in March, Ilocos Sur and Norte recently and yeah, you can include it maybe, Zambales this December. I included more travel in my faith goals January this year. It was an answered prayer.

At work, I moved to a new role last August which honestly I am not sure if wise but I am grateful anyway. Some good things happened at work too although I can hardly recall any now, I’m sure there are a lot. For one thing, a good friend Mak was hired, we are now on the same team. It was nice having Mak around – also from UPLB. Not to mention, I eat his biscuits, use his charger, he loans me cellphone credits and at times cash. Some not so good news, my good friend Elisa moved to a different team. Although everyone tries to make it as is she hasn’t, truth is difference in schedules do a lot of things. My buddy Leianne even moved out of the company, she’s got a new job now. Sad we didn’t have enough time to work together and be more than teammates but friends. And of course Leebye got accepted in the States so she also left the company and now she is teaching while studying in Michigan which by the way, I intend to do as well.

Another good friend, Kristeen, one of my really good friends, left for abroad as well. She is now in Abu Dabhi. Well, it’s her taking out of her comfort zone and pursuing her dreams so I really am happy for her. By the way, she is now on a 28-hr birthday (Happy Birthday Teen) and probably waiting for some important phone calls from here, back home.

Okay, well my thoughts are bit disorganized and i’m sorry about that.

And oh, did I mention this is like my best Christmas ever so far? Why? Well, my family and I spent Christmas with the families of my two other Titas. It was the first if my memory serves me right. It was nice to see how we’ve miss each other and how at the same time we’ve grown apart thru the years. We were able to catch up with what’s happening with each other’s life. My Tito from my father side was there too which by the way is one of my two favorite Titos. My other favorite Tito finally got married at 50. Good for him although it’s at the same time sad because we we’re n’t there to witness it. My mother was diagnosed to have tumor on her pancreas May this year and was later found to be not true – this I think is one of my best miracles this year. My sister is still in college and for that I am truly grateful. My youngest brother didn’t make it to graduation last March but is now trying to finish it this semester – so help him God. One of my cousins finally got a decent job which I am very proud – congratulations Mau!

I also received a lot of gifts this Christmas. Among my favorites were one gallon of fresh buko, one bilao of pancit palabok, Starbucks GCs and leche plan. This year I also got into the free fitness program of the company, free membership at Gold’s Gym, which I have been waiting for quite a while now.

This is what I get for being too lazy to write and having too many things to say. So at this point, I would like to talk about what the meaning of Christmas is for me this year. It is forgiveness. Being forgiven so we can  forgive. Funny how my other friend Allen wrote on his blog about forgiveness too. I just realized how important is forgiveness for everyone. First forgiveness from God. We should seek forgiveness from Him for all the things we’ve done to hurt him. Next, live out that forgiveness from God. Many times, we will find ourselves unworthy of the blessings because of the wrongs we’ve done but God’s love is constant. There is nothing that we can do to make God love us more or less. God’s forgiveness allows us to enjoy his presence and his blessings alike. Next is the forgiveness we give to people around us. The only people who can hurt us the most are the people that matters to us the most as well. In as much as we should be forgiven and seek forgiveness, it is equi-important (if there is such a word) that we forgive. Forgive everyone, including those not important to us. I think for may of us we need to forgive ourselves too. The thing with UNforgiveness is it keeps us from being maximized by God, keep us from being our best version of ourselves. Too often, the one who have wronged has had already moved on with their lives and it’s only us who is holding on to that petty hurt or perhaps serious hurt. You see, every time you replay that vivid scene of how they hurt or humiliate us, the pain feels fresh again. And we start to hate people again and we start to figure how we can get even. We don’t realize how anger and hatred and bitterness and jealousy have taken over our hearts. Again these emotions keep us from being the best and enjoying the so many blessings the Lord has in store for us. It destroys you, it keeps you a prisoner to that self-imposed prison of bitterness and hatred. Forgiveness doesn’t mean the absence of pain but rather is a decision to forgive and forget every waking moment. Some say it is impossible to forget, it maybe but it’s a lot easier if we try to. Don’t let unforgiveness keeps you from being blessed and from reaching our potentials. Decide now, ask for forgiveness and give forgiveness. Ask the Lord to search your heart and expose those people you need to forgive and those things we need to ask forgiveness for.

There is now better way to start the year than a clean slate.

So, I sounded a bit preachy there but I just wanted to share what’s inside my heart. I hope that we all have a meaningful Christmas. I will be writing my faith goals for 2011 soon and yes, I am planning of sharing it here as well.

Sorry for the incoherence of this entry. And good night. Will probably edit this by tomorrow if my I get to wake up early and I still have surfing credits.


/to edit


December 7, 2010

That was simply stupid and rude.

The thing with familiarity is that it makes you insensitive. But it’s not gonna be worth my time and effort. So, I’ll just shrug it off.  Amp.

What Am I Good At

November 27, 2010

I didn’t realize how much I need motivation until to keep going until I see people living every moment of their lives. What am I good at? I’ll do for the rest of my life.


Hurry Up

November 5, 2010

Last night, was my first to go to a gym. With everyone int he office so hooked with their thing, I decided to go alone. It wasn’t that big of a deal anyway. On my way to the gym, I was walking in full swing. Until I was sweating all over and from no where it hit me, why the hell was I in a hurry?

How many simple yet beautiful things we overlooked simply by just being in a hurry? So I decided to make it a walk in the park. In deed it was a walk in the park that night. The Ayala Ave was glittering with its fascinating display of lights! The busy streets, the towering buildings, all of it. The beauty that is truly Makati.

That’s about it! Maybe, we need to slow down sometimes and learn to appreciate the little things we have. How about you, are you ready to slow down?